biss2_1024x768The Bissman Building was built in 1886, in the city of Mansfield in Ohio. The building was designed by Hancock and Dows the same architects who designed the Mansfield Reformatory. The Bissman Building is a five story Gothic style masterpiece, with a floor space in excess of 5400 square feet. Plus 28000 square feet of garage space on a single story.

The Bissman Building has long been associated with paranormal activity and has featured on several ghost investigation T.V. shows most notably Ghost Hunters (T.A.P.S) who named the episode The Chopping Block.

The saying not all employees left at the end of their shift has been used to describe the paranormal activity and unexplainable occurrences within this building since 1911. Much of the activity appears to be related to many of the life ending accidents, including an accidental decapitation that have been recorded here over the years.

Many forms of activity are reported here including footsteps and the sound of people running, children are often seen and heard playing, many objects are moved or thrown and some people find that they are singled out and attacked by unseen hands.

There is many reports of activity happening at this location, but how did it happen? There was many generations come through this location. There has been horrible life ending accidents. People have witnessed black shadows skipping around, that of what we think is a child. There has been deep voices on EVP’s answering questions. Could that be the foreman who still wanders the floors? Who is causing the cold spots and the touches that we feel all the time. Who is causing the footsteps and who is moving objects around? Could it be the Great Grandfather of the owner? Please say hello to the lady that walks the ground floor and go to the upper floors to play with the little girl.

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